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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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within just three hours severe weather wreaks havoc across our region bringing down tree, wires and slowing traffic to a crawl, and we could be in for round two shortly. good evening, thanks four joining us, i'm john schriffen. skies cleared. this afternoon's weather did not leave the area unscathed. the heavy rain prompted air delays at reagan, dulles and bwi airports and road traffic a headache for many drivers and that's on top of the hail and tornado warnings seen earlier.
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team coverage and how soon we could start to see more. we start with chuck bell standing by in the weather center. chuck, what's going on out there. >> yes, indeed. things quieted down for now. we have an opportunity for a few more thunderstorms coming in later this evening. show you on the radar. not much around the city of washington. down into parts of southern st. mary's county, thunder and lightning in and around california and st. mary cities. be on the lookout down there in far southern st. mary' county for the opportunity for more thunderstorms here over the next little while. wind back out. the next batch of thunderstorms in parts of southwestern pennsylvania is about three to four hours away from the d.c. metro area and won't pack quite the punch's first round did. area rainfall totals, one to three inches of rain in the first wave of storms. the next shouldn't be as strorm. talk more about that and tropical storm irene coming up in a few minutes. >> chuck, thanks. check back. right now police closed off
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a section of utah avenue in northwest d.c. after the storms brought down a huge tree. darcy spencer is sliv at scene with the very latest. darcy what can you tell us? >> reporter: john, i was able to speak to the owner of this home a short time ago. look at the tree root. he says it's an 80-year-old tree, as old as the house. he was inside the house this afternoon in the basement when the tree fell on top of the house. fortunately he was not hurt. he said the entire house shook. drawing your attention to the house next door. a young man here was house sitting for his aunt when the tree basically fell down in the front yard. >> this is, it sounded like a large clap of thunder at first, when the main part of the tree hit the house. and then it sounded like what you would hear if you heard a tree fall in the woods, because the top part of the tree fell between the two houses and what i heard was that when it was coming down, hitting the house. >> reporter: did it shake? >> it shook the whole house.
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>> i heard something that sounded like branching falling over, but i didn't hear anything hit the house. just branches i saw and said, okay, we lost a few branches. then stepped out in the front yard and noticed the entire tree in the front yard. >> reporter: back out live here on utah avenue, you can see here where the tree branches are on top of the house. we're told there is at least one hole in the roof area, and, again, this tree, a very old tree, and the owner told me he was not surprised it fell down because a lot of the root structure, compromised. they're basically right here next to the sidewalk. they're waiting for the power to get turned back on. for this tree to get cleaned up. we're expecting additional weather. they want to make sure they get the roof patched so they don't get water damage inside the house tonight. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer. back to you. >> thank you. in other news this afternoon a truck flipped over after a serious crash in northwest d.c. it happened at 12th and east
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streets. fire rescue cut one person out stuck inside the vehicle. four people were sent to the hospital. police are trying to figure out just what caused the crash. a child in his mother's arms was hit by a stray bullet last night. today police now have a person of interest in the case, and the child continues to recover in the hospital. we have more on the shooting that's left a community in shock. >> reporter: prince george's county police wanted to talk to this 18-year-old in connection with the shooting of a child reportedly hit while in his mother's arms saturday night. it happened at the glenarden apartments just after 9:00 p.m. the child remains hospitalized. lots of people were out, kids playing ball. younger ones with parents and then a barrage of gunshots. >> we all came running outside and all the parents started scattering trying to find out where the kids were. >> reporter: many of the older children sought cover in an apartment hallway, some residents threw open their doors to the frightened children. their own and others.
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not everyone escaped. the sound of gunfire replaced by a horrifying scream. words that should never have to be uttered in the same settens. >> one of the young ladies came running out of the building saying the baby got shot. >> reporter: the child was in the arms of his mother. >> when we arrived we found a 2-year-old male struck by a bullet. he was transported to local hospital. >> reporter: the child has not been identified. resident say they'd seen him before, though he may about frequent visitor to a family that lives in the complex. now those who know the family and those who don't are praying that the child will be okay. no one knows where the bullets came from. some say it's not the first time shots have wrung out in the area. before, just cars were hit. nothing is as precious as baby. investigators believe it was not the intended target. the person who pulled the trigger remains unknown. >> and he knows it was a child, really needs to try to get in contact with somebody. even if you don't want to turn yourself in. everybody around here knows each other. go to the parents and, please,
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apologize. >> reporter: at this point police are calling this man a person of interest in this investigation and say they still neat the public's help. derrick ward, news 4. the child remains in stable condition at an area hospital. the little boy will celebrate his second birthday next month. new developments out of libya tonight. rebels entered the country's capital of tripoli and are just two miles from the city's sternt. and reports moammar gadhafi's son has been arrested. the rebels overran a major military base that defends the western border of the capital to gain entrance to the city. this after overtaking gadhafi's elite forces in one of tripoli's suburbs, despite the rebel's advance, gadhafi was defiant during a speech on state television saying he will fight the rebels and stay in tripoli until the end. president obama is being briefed on the situation while on vacation in martha's vineyard.
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president obama's vacation was a hot topic on the sunday talk shows. the president is facing criticism for taking a vacation on rtha's vineyard while so many americans are out of work. but the white house is firing back. brian mooar has our report. >> reporter: president obama seemed relaxed on sunday as he got in a game of golf on martha's vineyard. far from the economic and political turmoil threatening his re-election. >> he's worried about creating jobs for millions of americans who have been out of work for six months or two years or longer. >> reporter: his new jobs plan won't be announced until next month, but republicans are already pushing back against a payroll tax cut extension. translation -- a democrat wants to keep a tax cut and republicans are saying, no. >> the only thing that keeps us from acting on many of these things is pure politics. >> reporter: republicans are united in attacking the president. >> but the president has had a democrat congress for over
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two-thirds of the time that he's been in office. >> reporter: but it looks like texas governor rick perry's campaign trail, his free ride is over. >> when you find yourself at an extreme ethd of the republican party, you make yourself unelengthable. >> we have to win pennsylvania and ohio and florida. >> reporter: washington may be on vacation, but no one's getting a break. the white house says the president will continue to get daily economic briefings, even as he remains on martha's vineyard. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. u.s. park police arrested more than 40 people today for violating demonstration regulations outside the white house. the demonstrators are protesting the proposed keystone xl pipeline which would carry oil from canada to the united states. the pipeline protest is expected to continue until september 3rd. more than 2,000 activists are expected over the next two weeks. still ahead tonight, the georgetown hoya, back on the
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court in china. just days after a basketball brawl with another opposing team. now, we will show you how the game went this time around. prince george's county first speed camera is about to be activated. we'll show you where you need to slow down. and a guy in germany take as daring cable ride through the mountains. but he's outside of the cable car. and in sports, the nats lost their
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the georgetown hoyas return to the basketball court today in china. this was the team's first game since thursday's bench-clearing brawl with the rockets. today's game saw the hoyas win against a team called the dinosaurs. the teams exchanged hand shakes and gifts before the game in a show of good responsiblemanship. the coach regrets the fight that caused international news. >> but at the same time, you move on. you grow. you meet the next day. you realize that, you know, there aren't that many differences between us, and i said this. a lot of times, we hope that this happens, that out of that conflict a bond is formed. >> the hoya, in china as part of a ten-day goodwill trip. it's officially a school night for thousands of students in our area. all d.c. schools are back in session tomorrow. eastern high school will get a special treat as d.c. mayor
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vincent gray and education secretary arne duncan will welcome them back. many schools are unveiling new looks including woodson and wilson high school in northwest d.c. they're not the only ones back. prince george's conti schools are also back open tomorrow. just in time for back-to-school, prince your's county unveils its first speed camera to stot speeding in school zones located near goredean middle school. starting tomorrow it operates monday through friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. first a warning. after that, a ticket in the mail. coming up, local police officers are officially off rooftop duty after spending the entire weekend on top of doughnut shops. and the second round of rain is on the way, but we will have [ martin luther king jr. ] have i still have a dream
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that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] join us at the walter e. washington
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a daredevil in germany spent his weekend trying to set a new world record. a swiss tightrope artist walked more than 6/10 mile on a two-inch thick cable. unbelievable. all through a mountain range in southern bavaria. he did it without a balancing pole or a security harness. the walk took about an hour and 20 minutes. up next, an attempt to complete the longest cable crossing, this time on a bike. not bad. several officers from the laurel police department spent
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the weekend raising money for the special olympics. the office camped out on the roof of the laurel duncan doughnuts on baltimore avenue. customer, at the store could drop their donation into a bucket. officers would hoist it to the roof to collect the cash. the third year for the cops on the rooftop fund-raiser. the police department raised more than $4,000. good news for them. they were done at 1:00. that was just about when the showers came in. >> watching news 4 this morning when i said, 2:00. that's when it would roll in and sure enough, about the time frame. 1:00, further out to the west. college park area, around 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. a lot of the thunderstorms for much of the afternoon. now in a little bit of a lull in the activity, although another chance for a few more thundershowers coming our way later this evening. round two, though, not any where are near at round one, i don't believe. outside, a beautiful pick che of the sunshine back in downtown washington. a lot of dry skies and dry
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conditions at this point in time around town. so a few lingering showers down for folks in far southern maryland. the high temperature made it up to 90 degrees ahead of the rain after a 76-degree start this morning and rainfall amounts typical of thunderstorms. a big difference in amounts. a quarter inch at national airport. almost a half inch at dulles international and a smidgen less than a full inch of rain at bwi thurgood marshall. where's 9 rain now? no rain around the immediate d.c. metro area. down into far southern parts of st. mary's county, still thundershowers left all the way down towards st. mary's city and sullivan's island. those moving out of your area with the next 15 to 20 minutes. another shower out here just to the west of front royal and winchester. 81 and 66 meet there. a little shower. no thunder on lightning with that storm yet. thundershowers and thunderstorms across far western plarld. the timing on these if they hold together over the mountains, between three and four hours
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away. a little after 6:00. between 9:00 and 10:00 this evening, back into the metro area. keeping an eye on that. as you make your evening plan, dry for the next few hours then a chance for a few more rumbles of thunder between 9:00 and midnight this evening. the latest on tropical storm irene. there's puerto rico. still a very good tropical storm with favorable conditions in fronts of it. the official track from the hurricane center a huge amount of possibility before the storm might end up. the eastern gulf. the western atlantic or somewhere on the peninsula of florida. in the friday time frame and could impact our weather towards saturday and sunday next week. next weekend. keep that in mind for now, though, waiting on a next batch of thunderstorms to come out of western maryland ahead of the actual cold front. once the front goes through here, late tonight that turns off the rain chances and takes out the humidity and, boy, is it going to be nice weather to get to work and school weather getting under way. showers and thunderstorms still possible. not as much as earlier.
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rain ending after midnight tonight. startoff temperatures in the 60s tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, turning sunny by mid-afternoon and noticeably cooler and less humid weather coming back for monday, tuesday and wednesday. unsethtsed chance for a shower thursday, friday. then we'll see about irene for late next week and into next weekend on the eastern seaboard. if you have plans to go to florida, be flexible. >> okay. chuck bell, thanks so much. the redskins are fresh off win number two, and already win number two, and already talking about their next
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well, the nats and phillies split the first two games of the series. today the rubber game. >> and it went to the home team. >> that's what we like to hear. >> the home team that resides in washington. harry leroy halladay, full name, doesn't lose to the nationals franchise, won ten in a row. the phillies ace perfect at nats park. today he did not beat the nats after a 71-minute rain delay, halladay did not take the mound. nats rally taking two of three from the phillies. bottom of the first. nats have is a 1-0 lead. halladay facing a former teammates. runners on the corners. full count. ringing him up. are you kidding me? are you kidding me? that was a ball. not happy about that. the second out of the inning.
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and you can be the judge of this pitch. that's down in the zone. it's a ball. and some people say, it's way too close to take. no. no, no, no. that's a ball, folks. very next pitch, espinoza comes through sends it to left. an rbi. a score. 2-0 nats first inning. top two. pitching to carlos, man on and ruiz crushes one into the bull pen. phillies fans are going nuts. love that. ties the game at 2. bottom 5. nats trail 3-2. two on, two outs, 0-2 count and that is a strike. halladay goes five innings gave up two runs strikes out five. then the rains come. a 71-minute rain delay. so then the phillies send out michael schwimmer and an alexandria native. second pitch. not good. espinoza out and gone to second. tied at 3. schwimmer was wishing he had the
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pitch back. espinoza's 18th of the season. bottom 9 we go. nats down 4-3. two outs down to the final strike facing antonio and desmond delivers. homers to left, and we're all knotted at 4s. fifth home run of the season. go to extras. check him out in the it dugout. here we go. doan is baseball. bottom 10, bases full, and hits him with a pitch and that's it. ryan zimmerman who led off the inning with a double scores a walk-off hit and they defeat the phillies 5-4. telling the phillies nation to go home and the nats win the series. elsewhere -- we will take that. elsewhere, orioles lose to the angels. baltimore lost five in a row. football, redskins quarterback john beck hit the big 3-0 today. he received praise on his birthday from coach mike shanahan he would have rather
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received a birthday surprise including news about starting the third seize game. for now, it's his party and he's not crying. today the redskins preparing for thursday's game against the ravens. back on the field, trying to recover from surgery to his left hand. he won't play in preseason game three, the biggest test for the redskins thursday far. linebacker lorenzo alexander knows it's go time. >> game three is probably the most important preseason game, because everybody treats that like a real game. you'll see all starters and near starters probably the first three quarters and get a great sense where you're at as a team. a great test. always been weren't of the top defenses in the league. always one of the great rushing offenses as we well. a great test. want to go out and put it on them. >> the closest thing to a regular season game. going against a defense as tough as them. a huge test. see how far we've come in the first two preseason games. a good effort in the third
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preseason's game, you have a good feeling what you need to improve on and where you're at. >> so with that you want to, you know, definitely be rolling. but with that being said, we still have another couple weeks to continue to prepare, continue to get better for that opening game of the season. >> all right. preseason football last night, 49ers hosted a couple former' skins with oakland. hugh jackson, an assistant with the skins a couple of yees. second quarter. 49ers show off new hands in edwards signed from the jets this year and only needs one hand here. wow. 32-yard completion. leads to a field goal. later in the second, our old friend jason campbell in trouble on the scramble loses the ball. brooks, take a look here. lowers his head and hits campbell in the helmet. scary moment. campbell would not return. likely suffering from a concussion there. third quarter, still 3-0. a thrill fest. 3-0. gets excitingmany time for the
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rookies to shine. hunter finds a hole, he's gone, 53 of his 105 yards on the day happening right here. san fran rolls over oakland 17-3 is the final. going back to that nats game when you get a walk-off hit by a pitch, that's about maybe the best thing, come all the way back against a team like the phillies. >> tough start for the major league debut. >> got to move on to the next game. that's it for the show. "nightly news" sum next. back here for news 4 at 11:00. hope to see you then. until then, make it a good night.
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